Inner Work

We’re entering the third week of the new year, and that crashing sound you are hearing is millions of new year’s resolutions being broken. I stopped making resolutions a long… Read More


I love acronyms. Especially when you are writing about a certain subject and the same group of words comes up time and again. It just makes life so much easier… Read More

The Wisdom of Whitney Houston

So far we’ve used Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”, and The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” as teaching tools to illustrate a couple of the principles the other side is always… Read More

The Wisdom of Bon Jovi

I’ve often written that the other side uses anything and everything it can to try and educate us here on earth about the way the universe works, and popular culture… Read More


So Jasper told me a while ago that it was time to make myself bigger. My first thought was, “awesome, let me go stock up on Little Debbies”. Then, after… Read More

Seperation Anxiety

If you’ve ever been to or seen a show where a psychic/medium is connecting people with their transitioned loved ones, you surely have noticed that the most FAQ’s are: are… Read More

Let’s Do It Again

Since my website was recently reincarnated, I thought we should talk a little about that subject. Reincarnation is one of those things, like karma and meditation, that people think is… Read More

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