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Preview of “Guidespeak”

Over the course of the last few years, it’s become apparent to me that there is almost no part of our spiritual journeys that is as important as allowing, believing, and trusting in the existence of our soul guides. The problem is, accomplishing that can be no small feat for many people.
If you aren’t in a place of self-awareness that holds as truth the unconditional love of self, it can be very difficult to accept that there are beings in the universe that love you unconditionally and whose only purpose is to help you.
Even after you get to that place of self-acceptance, there comes the next important step, which is learning to contact and have conversations with your guides. Once we know we can be in constant contact with them, and they are able to point us in the direction we want to go in our current incarnation, the sky is no longer the limit.
Because the guides are living on the other side, they are immersed in nothing but positive energy and the unconditional love that binds the whole universe together.
The whole universe, that is, except for one tiny little exception: planet earth. This small planet that we’ve all chosen to incarnate on is the only one, as far as I know, where negativity is the norm. Just as unconditional love and positivity are taken for granted in the universe at large, the earth exists as a showcase for negativity of every type and description.
It sounds like an extremely bad thing, but it serves a very important purpose. It allows those souls that are strong enough and have a burning desire to incarnate here as many times as they want to experience that negativity. Only by doing that can they know it up close and personal, so to speak.
By living in an atmosphere of nearly total negativity, and fighting not to become part of it, we learn coping skills that follow us through all of our lives and make us spiritually stronger as a result.
Soul guides have always been part of the equation when planning an earth life, but as the atmosphere of this dimension has become increasingly negative, their roles as the ones who can provide much needed direction and encouragement has become exponentially more important.
Whether you call them guides, guardian angels, intuition, or think of them as a little voice in the back of your mind, living out a successful incarnation without them would be next to impossible.
Of course, as Jasper loves to remind us, because we only have access to about 10% of our intellect when we come here, many of us stupidly blunder around going from bad life scenario to worse life scenario, thinking we can handle things all on our own.
I know that was the case for me for the largest part of my life so far. In fact, after I got reacquainted with my guides, they thought it was hilarious that I had chosen to live the first part of my life with only minimal input from them.
After regaining direct access to them, I didn’t think it was funny at all that I had kept them on the sidelines, but that was all my doing and planning, and I did learn to cope with a lot of negativity while they were just watching events unfold. Everything happens for a reason.
So due to the ever increasing need for people incarnated on earth to have access to and help from their soul guides, this book is going to delve more deeply into the who, what, when, where, and why of them, and hopefully bring about a better understanding of how to hear them more clearly, and how they can help us once we do.
Along the way, we’re also going to be looking in more depth at those three ugly stepsisters: anger, fear and guilt, and how they can block communication with our guides.
When we choose, and it is a choice, to hold on to anger, fear and guilt for long periods of time without trying to get to the bottom of why we’re doing that, and more importantly, trying to deal with those negative emotions to get rid of them, we can block nearly all communication from our guides. They simply can’t reach us when we are totally focused on negativity, especially when it applies to how we feel about ourselves.
Our guides know that we are totally amazing beings for even deciding to come here in the first place, so they have no way to reach us if we are in a constant state of self-doubt and self-loathing. It’s like we only speak and understand Mandarin Chinese, and they only speak and understand Greek. There may be some gesturing and pantomime, but no real communication.
My goal, along with all the guides on the other side, is to provide enough information in this book to get everyone in direct contact with their soul guides on a daily basis, as I am with mine.
Hopefully, yours will be a little more compassionate and understanding than mine, but remember that they act the way you instructed them to while you were doing the planning for this life, so you can’t complain about their personalities. You brought whatever form they come in on yourself.
Jasper has a whole new wardrobe lined up, and since this book is about him and his kind, he can’t wait to take center stage. So as they say, let the adventure begin.