Fear And Your Universal Idol

I’ve written, probably¬†ad nauseum for some of you, about wanting to experience fear as one of the primary reasons we choose to incarnate for an earth life. Since we are eternal beings, when we’re at home on the other side between our earth lives, there is nothing to fear, so we come here to see what that particular emotion feels like.

And, as always, the number one fear on the hit parade is the fear of death.

Not just the death of the physical body, but other types of death that might be a little harder to identify. One would be an emotional death, which happens when you choose to leave any kind of relationship behind and start over. You have to let the part of you that participating in that relationship die so that a new and better relationship can form.

An example of another type of death would be a social death, which would entail leaving whatever tribe you are currently a member of to move forward and find a new tribe, one that is more in sync with your current beliefs and thinking.

So if you’ve been alive for any amount of time, even though you probably don’t realize it, your life has been filled with all kinds of deaths, both big and small. Looking back over the years, you can say to yourself, I have no reason to fear any kind of death, because I’ve already conquered that fear so many times, it’s like an old friend when it comes to visit.

Taking inventory of all the times you’ve conquered that particular mother of all fears should give you enough incentive to be able to keep moving forward in your spiritual journey, but because we’re here on earth and using only our puny human minds to reason things out, doing that rarely helps.

But never fear, Jasper is here with another of his amazing impersonations, this time of Ryan Seacrest hosting that well-known talent show which we’re going to call Universal Idol.

Jasper/Ryan says if you are having trouble moving on from whatever situation you are trying to leave behind, pick out a person who has successfully done whatever it is you’re trying to do, find out how they did it, and then do the same things.

If you want a lot of money and success, start reading about people like Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs. If you are looking for a lasting relationship, look to somebody in your circle of family and friends who have a long term marriage or commitment, and ask them how they stayed together so long. If you want better health, look to someone that is healthy or never sick or has overcome a dread disease, and study how they did it. Lastly, if you’re looking to move forward in your spiritual journey, buy all my books and read them, or, if you must, find someone you find to be spiritually connected and learn all you can about them.

BTW, those things that I listed: money, relationships, health, and spirituality, are the four major categories of what we’re all working on during our incarnations.

But I digress.

For me personally, I have no bigger idol than J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. I’m looking at her success and hoping to follow in her path.

The point is, no matter what you want out of life, someone has already blazed the trail you want to move forward on, so there should be no fear of being the first one to go where you want to.

As always, love and light.