Intergalactic Jasper Day

On December 18, 2013, I met Jasper for the first time, even though he had been with me all my life.

This coming Tuesday will mark the fifth anniversary of that momentous event, so I couldn’t let it go by without a mention. On our first anniversary, he wanted a celebration, so I suggested National Jasper Day, which he rejected as being unworthy of someone of his stature. So I suggested International Jasper Day, and got the same response. He finally accepted Intergalactic Jasper Day as adequate, but still not reflective of his importance.

Well, putting his gigantic ego aside, he is very important to me, and my greatest wish for everyone on this Intergalactic Jasper Day is for each of you to become acquainted with your own Jasper : your spirit guide, soul guide, higher self, however you choose to identify that part of you that stays at home on the other side when you’re incarnated for an earth life.

To that end, with Jasper’s help, I will be starting a podcast called Jasper’s World in the New Year, as well as continuing to blog and write and publish more books on the subject of spirituality.

2019 is shaping up to be an awesome year. Just when I thought I might be getting to retire, Jasper has a whole new career planned out, so stay tuned! If nothing else it’s going to be fun!