A new year, and another session with Barb where Jasper is present to be our tour guide. This time he takes us to a long hallway that has what appears to be a set of bleachers on one side.

There are several cartoonish looking beings sitting in the first 2 rows of the bleachers, and they wave and smile at me as we pass by.

I have a feeling that I know them, or at least know who they are, and they seem very happy to see me.

I hear them saying things like, “this is it”, and “you’re getting it back.”

Then I hear them all laughing, at me, not with me, because apparently they think it’s hilarious that when I planned my current life, I chose to spend the first two thirds of it with no direct connection to the other side, and no awareness of Jasper.

They can’t believe I would spend so much time stumbling through life like a drunken sailor when I could have availed myself of their help and guidance.

In retrospect, it probably was a stupid thing to do when there was an alternative, but I did it so I could learn what I needed to learn to do what I’m doing now, which is using my life experience as a knowledge base to write books and blogs to hopefully help a few people see what I’ve been seeing the last few years.

Most importantly, as the physical world becomes ever more negative and difficult to live in, Jasper and I want to awaken people to the reality of who we all really are, which is spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around.

By living a “normal” life for 60 years before my spiritual awakening, I use myself as an example that becoming aware and connected to your guides can happen to and for anybody.

There is nothing special or different about me, or there wasn’t before I had this extra guy in my head 24/7, so anybody can do what I’ve done if they’re willing to put in the time and effort. Nobody can do it for you. It’s all about self.

So for the final part of this lesson, Jasper told me I needed to start paying attention to how his vibration felt a little different than my own, so I would be able to distinguish what he was telling me from my own thoughts.

Then he said, “enough for today, get out.” That was the beginning of the verbal abuse. Keep following to find out more.

And by the way, those beings on the bleachers were the other parts of my guides. More about them as things develop.