Back in session with Barb, and Jasper is once again our tour guide. This time he takes us to a room on the other side that looks like a giant, ancient library.

Apparently, this is where I like to hang when I’m between lives, because it contains all the accumulated knowledge of the entire universe. Who wouldn’t want to spend time there?

While I was in awe of the place, Jasper said it’s not a big deal to go there. Everybody on the other side has access to all this amazing information any time they want. After hearing that, the other side was sounding more and more like heaven to me. Jasper, again with the eye rolls, said I had been here many times, and, again, said it was no big deal.

I asked him if he could just let me enjoy this moment, and be serious about something for 10 seconds. He said “no”.

Then he told me for the first of many times that we should consider our earth life to be nothing more than a video game.

Not the new ones where you learn how to kill people in a hundred different ways, but the old school kind like Donkey Kong, or Mario Brothers.

In these original games, you start out on the first level, face challenges and obstacles, and gradually move up levels as you conquer them. You eventually make it to the final level, or you get killed, get another life, and have to start over.

Either way, Jasper says these old video games are the perfect metaphor for the way an earth life is supposed to play out.