At this point in time, I still had some left-over beliefs from my days as a member of organized religion, so I was trying to determine where my pre-existing concept of god fit into everything new Jasper was showing me.

I was trying to reconcile that dated idea of an old white man with a Santa beard sitting on a throne somewhere getting his jollies out of making my life miserable and eagerly waiting for me to die so he could judge me and consign me to either heaven or hell on a whim.

Before I even met Jasper, I had seen a few of my past lives, so I knew that places such as heaven and hell couldn’t really exist, or I wouldn’t have been able to keep reincarnating here time after time.

And as the late, great Sylvia Browne used to say, if you want to see hell, just look around. You’re living in it!

I firmly believe a higher power exists, but not an angry, vengeful punishing one, and what I would consider heaven is the place we go when we finish with our current incarnations. A place filled with nothing but unconditional love where we can catch our breath and start planning for our next life.

So anyway, Jasper said at this time that the word “god” has too much religious stigma attached to it, and that “creator” might be a better choice.

He said to think of the universe as a giant circle, with the creator at the center of the circle, which could be regarded as all that is, all that was, and all that will be.

Even back then I thought that sounded a tad liturgical, but when I brought that up, all I got was the first of many eye rolls from my good friend.

At this point, as my connection to Jasper was growing stronger, he was beginning to take on a more human appearance, and looked less cartoonish. In fact, he was developing a strong resemblance to Al from Al’s Diner on the TV show Happy Days.

He still looks like Al, just a younger version, and better looking, according to him.