My first entry on this date is, “Progress!”, so I must have been starting to really open up to the idea of Jasper being around.

As it turns out, what I thought of as progress at the time was a change in my attitude from being a little peon in awe of and a little fearful of the things Jasper was saying and doing, to being an equal participant in this phase of my life.

I was actually angry with Jasper because I felt he was not being fair to me by withholding a lot of information I thought I needed, and not having empathy for the time and financial constraints placed on all of us when we incarnate here for an earth life.

I told him in no uncertain terms that if I was here to teach what I was learning as a way to help others find their own spiritual paths, then I needed to get started, and soon.

Looking back, I know now that my reaction was exactly what he wanted to trigger to get me fired up about doing all of the work that lay ahead. I also realize that I planned it that way before I incarnated because I knew it would take my getting angry to get me moving.

Jasper, of course, played his role to the hilt by acting sheepish and dejected, and even introducing me to Judy, one of my other guides, as if to say he was leaving and Judy would be my primary guide from then on. As if.

He used my righteous indignation to actually give me a feeling of self esteem that was sorely lacking in my life at the time.

I even wrote that I said, “who do you think you are, and don’t you remember who I am?”

He wanted to see some passion from me about moving forward, and in his own conniving little way, he managed to spark it.

Anyway, he sort of faded away for a brief period of time, and Judy took over. She took me back to the area with bleachers that I had seen before, which now had six nice red leather chairs in place of the risers, and said all of my guides would be joining us and filling the seats in the near future.

Judy also told me at that time that Barb and I would be working together, but she didn’t tell me in what context. I assumed, and we all know what that word can be divided into, that I would have to learn hypnosis, and she and I would have some kind of office together.

I was wrong, of course, and Jasper reminded my I could hurt myself if I kept jumping to conclusions.