I haven’t posted on this blog for awhile, because, frankly, even I was bored with the content, and I knew Jasper wasn’t happy with it because he wasn’t pushing me to write, so I have been giving it a rest while I pondered what I wanted it to be.

Well, breaktime is over. Jasper is back in charge, and things will definitely be changing in the new year.

He challenged me about 2 weeks ago to take 21 days, ( 21 days being the length of time needed to make a daily activity into a habit, according to scientists), and shore up my belief, faith and trust in him, and to finally get rid of that last trunk full of fear, anger and guilt that I was dragging behind me.

I’m almost 2 weeks in, and it has been working wonderfully. I’ve been journaling everything that has been happening, and it will definitely will be included in my next book, but to make a long story short, (it might already be too late for that, but anyway), the challenge is to envision a rope bridge, like the one in Indiana Jones movies, (you didn’t think he was going to pass up a chance to dress up like Indiana Jones, did you?),  that connects where you are spiritually with where you want to be, and then everyday for the 21 days, add a plank to the bridge so you can walk across when the challenge is over.

The planks are supplied and named by your guide, and they are things like envisioning your goal, reflecting on how you got here, opening your trunk full of shit and dealing with it, logistic support from your guide, all kinds of stuff that we all need to understand to keep moving up levels in this giant video game we’re playing called life.

Each plank is stamped with the letters BFT, ( belief, faith and trust), which are the underpinnings of any bridge we use in our advancement. Jasper said the letters also stand for big fucking trust, because if you don’t have absolute belief that your guide is there to help you, they can’t.

So that’s where I stand at the end of 2018.

2019 promises to be the year when I can finally let Jasper loose on an unsuspecting world, so he can teach so many more people how to reconnect with their higher selves and use that connection to not only grow spiritually, but live the life you were meant to live.

In addition to this and my other blog on this website, he and I are planning a podcast, titled Jasper’s World, (by him, of course), for next year, and at least 2 more books will be forthcoming.

I wish the best for all of us in the new year, and as always, love and light.