Ringmaster J

So by now I think everyone is aware that my guide Jasper is very fond of dressing up as just about anyone or anything you can imagine in order to get the point of whatever he’s trying to teach me through my thick skull.

I’m used to it now, but at first it would usually make me chuckle or laugh out loud, but it would also always get my attention.

One of the first major productions he staged was when he appeared as a circus ringmaster complete with black boots, white pants, red jacket and black silk top hat. He said that life on earth could sometimes look like a 3 ring circus, and mine certainly did, so he was here as the ringmaster to keep things running smoothly. He promised he would only use the whip if I forced him to.

He said no circus can run efficiently without the ringmaster being in control and letting all the acts know where they are supposed to be at any given time, and when to make their entrances and exits.

He also said that pulling in your guides to be your ringmaster takes some of the pressure off of us and lets us continue living out our earth lives to our best advantage.

What I learned from this early Jasper extravaganza was that now that he was in my life, I could rely on him to keep things moving in the right direction if I would trust him and let him do his thing. Have I always remembered what he taught me? No. Does it make him crazy to have to keep going over the same topics again and again? Yes. Is making him crazy a side benefit for me? Yes.

But seriously, the reason I am sharing all this information about my spiritual journey is that I hope some of you out there will use it to make your forward progress a little easier and speedier than mine.

As always, I wish you love and light.