Teach Me Tonight

When I started this blog, I thought it would be a chronicle of how coming to know my soul guide Jasper has changed my life, from the first time I actually saw him, down through the last five years.

But as I was posting the details of every encounter, even though it was fascinating at the time because it was all so new to me, the retelling got sort of boring for Jasper and me, so at the end of last year he suggested a change to liven things up a bit.

What I’m going to be writing about from here on out are the times when he did one of his amazing costume changes to try and teach me something that he was having trouble getting my puny human mind to comprehend. I think it will be much more interesting for you, the reader, and it will allow him to recreate some of his best performances. As an added bonus, what I learned will be reinforced, and for some of you out there, it may be a lesson you’ve been looking for.

So first up, I’m going to briefly veer away from Jasper, and talk about Judy, who is sort of Jasper’s female side, even though he prefers to be his own female side so he can play dress up with real dresses.

Judy was one of my 6 guides I was shown originally, because sometimes when you’re new to thinking about spirituality in a different way than you’ve been used to, it’s helpful to see multiple guides as a way to reinforce the idea that there is a lot of help waiting for you from the other side if you let it in. No matter how many you see at any given time, they are all just the parts of you that stayed on the other side while you bravely incarnated here for an earth life.

Anyway, Judy showed up at this particular session with Barb to teach us that even though your spirit and your body are currently occupying the same space, they don’t necessarily need to be for you to function day to day. By that they mean that your body can sort of go on autopilot sometimes, and allow your spirit to wander around a little to see and learn new things. Think about daydreaming as well as night dreaming. When you’re sleeping, your soul doesn’t need to be present to make sure you keep breathing and your heart keeps beating.

Judy’s lesson was to imagine looking at yourself in a mirror, and then see your image being completely covered in paint of your favorite color. Then see the color pull away and float free while your image remains in the mirror. Imagine that the colorful you can go anywhere while your body stays put, functioning perfectly on it’s own.

Judy said learning this lesson is fundamental to moving forward in our spiritual journeys, because it teaches one of my favorite sayings: we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We have to thank Jasper for giving up this space for one last–and he guarantees it will be the last–time before it becomes all about him.

As always, I wish you love and light.