The Wiz

Jasper has a huge catalog of old movies, vintage TV shows, and music spanning the last hundred years that he uses as reference and teaching tools in order to try and get whatever concept he is trying to teach me through my thick, stubborn Pennsylvania Dutch skull, so almost all of his character and costume changes come from that database.

Out of all that, without a doubt his favorite isĀ The Wizard of Oz, the 1939 version starring Miss Judy Garland, of course. He loves playing all the parts, but he is especially enamored of the overarching theme of the film, which is, you always possess the power to change your life, you just have to know you have it, and click the heels on your ruby slippers to make it happen.

I know it sounds incredibly simplistic to say you can have the life you want merely by saying it out loud repeatedly, but by doing that and then using your guides to help you, you can make it happen.

Jasper says, think of yourself as Dorothy. She never had any doubt that what she wanted most was to get back to Kansas, but she was unsure how to get there, so she went on a journey with some friends that were also searching for what they thought was missing from their lives, and had some very scary encounters along the way. She had to prove her worthiness to someone outside her self that she believed held the power to give her what she wanted, and face her biggest fears head on.

So what did Dorothy learn in the end? That listening to people around you can send you off your path, and can even threaten your health and safety at times. That there is no larger than life being that can give you what you want. He’s just a guy behind a curtain pulling levers and putting up smoke screens. That your biggest fears are as easy to get rid of as confronting them, throwing a bucket of water on them, and watching them melt. Most importantly she learned that if you listen to your Glinda, your inner voice, she will tell you the truth that you have the power in you at all times, you just have to allow, believe and trust in it, and you can go anywhere you want.

There are a lot of other metaphors in the movie. The vivid colors match the colors of the body chakras, and the farm hands being the same people as the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man shows how we often incarnate into different lives with the same souls time and again. Even Elvira Gulch being the same person as the Wicked Witch shows how our fears can follow us from life to life if we don’t deal with them and conquer them.

Jasper says someone could write a book on how this one movie represents so many spiritual concepts all in one place, and all so cleverly disguised, but it won’t be me because I’m not smart enough to recognize them all.

That’s the Jasper I know and love! He gives a compliment with one hand and smacks you down with the other. As this blog unfolds, I think you’re going to get to know and love him too.

Until next time, I wish you love and light.