Outsourcing Your Spirituality

We’ve all heard of, and possibly been affected by outsourcing, which is simply put, the moving of a job to another location, usually for economic reasons. I think most of us have had experience with trying to get help with our computers or credit cards, and being redirected to offshore call centers. Most of the time, it works out fine, but occasionally, the language and cultural barriers are too strong to break through, and it becomes a very bad experience.

So since we’ve all either had or know of these not so nice experiences, why do we continue to outsource something as important and personal as our spirituality? Yes, I’m looking at you, most of the world.

Due to what might be termed spiritual indolence, or just plain old inertia, many, many people are satisfied to let their spiritual sides languish, and never give them a first thought, let alone a second thought. Others are comfortable with the idea that showing up for church and putting money in the collection basket is doing enough to guarantee a spot in the afterlife and make whatever else they may be doing in life socially acceptable.

Insert sound of a giant buzzer here and say “wrong”. You, and only you, are responsible for first of all, finding your spiritual side, and secondly, nurturing and growing it by learning about spirituality, and perhaps more importantly, learning about yourself.

You can’t possibly live a more spiritual life if you are filled with fear, anger and guilt, and you can’t get rid of the fear, anger and guilt in your life until you take time to do some soul searching and figure out why the hell you have all this fear, anger and guilt to begin with.

Is it easy? No. Do most people want to do it? No. Is it absolutely necessary if you want to experience spiritual growth during this earth incarnation? Yes. Is it really necessary to have spiritual growth while we’re here? Not really. But remember, any emotional baggage that you don’t deal with in this life will have to be dealt with in your next life, so better to do it now. That is one of my main motivations for dealing with as much of it as I can. I want to be able to do different things next time around, not be stuck trying to clear up the same old crap.

This is the true meaning of karma. It’s not that you will be punished for the things you do or don’t do. There is no universal being doling out punishments. But you will have to keep working on your fear, anger and guilt until you conquer it in order to not have to live with it in another life.

But I digress.

How do you even begin to get in touch with your spiritual side? Where do you start to find out how all this fear anger and guilt got into you life?

I have two answers. First, I wrote a book titled Clearing The TrackĀ a few years ago that details my struggle with these questions and how I managed to deal with them after living a large portion of my life carrying around huge amounts of baggage. The book is available on this website, and also on

The second answer is to visit, and check out my friend Barb’s program called The Power Of Self. It gives you 52 weeks of guidance on learning about yourself and how to use what you learn to increase your spirituality.

So stop thinking that someone or something is going to magically appear, wave a wand, and all your troubles will disappear. Not gonna happen. You planned this life before you came here to learn and grow spiritually, you have guides on the other side that only exist to help you do just that, but you are the one that has to start the process by taking responsibility for your life.

As always, I wish you love, light, and an end to outsourcing your spirituality!