Fear And Your Universal Idol

I’ve written, probably¬†ad nauseum for some of you, about wanting to experience fear as one of the primary reasons we choose to incarnate for an earth life. Since we are… Read More

Calvin’s Library

In my struggle over the last few years to understand how the universe really works, and believe me, it has been a struggle, I could never quite grasp how my… Read More

A New “F” Word

Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with our old favorite “F” word, and it gets plenty of use, especially from me, occasionally a new word needs to be added… Read More

Shoot That Poison Arrow

Great lyric from a great 80’s song, right? And as you all know, Jasper loves him some song lyrics, so he used this one in a lesson he was teaching… Read More

Good Mourning

No, it’s not a typo. If you have spent any amount of time living a life on this planet, then you’ve experienced grief and mourning. We all have loved and… Read More

Rocket Man

When you get to be as old as I am, and how old I am is none of your business, you can look back over your life and see that… Read More

Having “It”

So here’s something that is going to sound crazy, not that a lot of the things I write about don’t sound crazy, but this may be crazier than usual. Everybody… Read More

Outsourcing Your Spirituality

We’ve all heard of, and possibly been affected by outsourcing, which is simply put, the moving of a job to another location, usually for economic reasons. I think most of… Read More