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Spiritual Subterfuge

    I think I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you missed it, I have a real aversion to meditation. I’ve been told by the other side that meditating… Read More

Now Available on Amazon…

  Brand New Life, Brand New Key is now available on Amazon: Here’s the full list of my books available:  

Turning The PAJE

No, it’s not a typo. Those of you that have read any of my books know that I love to invent and use acronyms, mostly because I’m not great at… Read More

It’s About Time

One of the things that is hardest for people at the beginning stages of spiritual awareness to wrap their heads around is the concept of time. Or maybe more correctly,… Read More

For My Self, I Shall

I’ve written before about how we all need to revise our definition of selfish, away from the one we were taught as children, which was that it was a bad… Read More

Change a Letter Change Your Life

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my latest book, Change a Letter Change Your Life. This book gives a new twist on interpreting the law of attraction, which states… Read More