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Fear And Your Universal Idol

I’ve written, probably¬†ad nauseum for some of you, about wanting to experience fear as one of the primary reasons we choose to incarnate for an earth life. Since we are… Read More

Shoot That Poison Arrow

Great lyric from a great 80’s song, right? And as you all know, Jasper loves him some song lyrics, so he used this one in a lesson he was teaching… Read More

Fear. It’s Why We’re Here.

I’ve written a lot about fear, but that’s mostly because for the first part of my current incarnation, I was filled with fears, both rational and irrational, so I had… Read More

1+1= The Sum Of All Fear

Fear, though we all say we hate to be afraid, is actually one of the main attractions that keeps us coming back to this planet for life after life. When… Read More


So Jasper told me a while ago that it was time to make myself bigger. My first thought was, “awesome, let me go stock up on Little Debbies”. Then, after… Read More

Let’s Do It Again

Since my website was recently reincarnated, I thought we should talk a little about that subject. Reincarnation is one of those things, like karma and meditation, that people think is… Read More