Even In Spirituality, Parts Is Parts


Last time I touched on how, when we’re incarnated for an earth life, our lives may seem like they are individual, but we’re actually parts of several different relationship triangles, or trinities.

I also said in the last post that I hesitated to use the word “trinity” because it had so much religious connotation, and I didn’t want the issue to be clouded by anything from that direction. Turns out, Jasper loves to use that word in describing the nature of the human condition, I think because it may take a jab at organized religion, so trinity it is.

Some of the relationship trinities in our lives exist only on earth, such as mother-father-child. That is a very important one, but it doesn’t explain our functioning as individuals or how we fit into the structure of the universe.

The two “biggies” that the other side is most interested in our learning about are the higher self-self-baser self trinity that describes our spirituality, and the higher self-self-physical body trinity that includes our spirituality but also involves the body we chose to be our home before we came here for another life.

The two trinities are, of course, intertwined, and have huge effects on how our earth lives are progressing, but the spirituality one is, in some ways, the easier of the two to work on, because it doesn’t require any physical effort, and there are no outward changes anyone else would notice, with the exception of you smiling more once you get in alignment with your higher self and get your baser self under control.

The higher self-self-physical body relationship is a horse of a different color. Why? Because the human body is designed to function on it’s own for a large percentage of the time. Why? Because it has to.

If you had to consciously tell your lungs to take a breath 12 times a minute, or consciously tell your heart to beat 60 times a minute, that’s all you would have time to do. And if you fell asleep for more than 5 minutes, you’d be dead, because your body would cease to function without you giving it constant instruction.

So just like all living things on this planet, you have what is called an autonomic nervous system, or ANS, that handles all of that stuff for you. It works so well that you can survive an entire night of sleep with no damage to any of your organs, and no after effects if you decide to astral travel while you’re asleep.

But that’s a completely different subject.

The lesson here is that once we reach the age of 5 or so and have mastered control of our bodies, we sort of forget about them because we’re busy acquiring knowledge about our lives and how we’re going to be living them, and that’s when problems start.

Because we leave our bodies to their own devices and start building up reserves of fear, anger and guilt given to us by all the people around us in our day-to-day lives, the ANS just takes over everything and responds to the fear and anger the only way it knows how, by activating the fight or flight response and all that comes with it, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and all of the other modern plagues.

Instead of gaining control of our emotions, we have come to rely on pharmaceuticals to regulate our bodies for us. Instead of partnering with our bodies, just as we partner with our guides, we happily take any number of pills to mange all of our ailments, which of course can only lead to more ailments and more pills, because our ANS, being as human as we are, will become lazy and kick back and relax, because you are putting chemicals in your body to perform the functions it used to handle.

Even as we grow spiritually, we often place more importance on being connected to our higher selves than on being connected to this body we inhabit.

Both are of equal importance to the earth life we’re currently living.

While we will always be part of our higher selves, the incarnating part, we only have use of this particular body for the few short years we’re here this time, so even though we will have and have had many more lives, YOLO is true in that this is the only time we will be in this body in this time period on this planet, so we have to do the best we can by it.

So as you continue on your spiritual journey, remember that you have more than one part, and your best life comes from partnering with and celebrating all of them.

As always, I wish you love and light.