It’s About Time

One of the things that is hardest for people at the beginning stages of spiritual awareness to wrap their heads around is the concept of time.

Or maybe more correctly, the concept of the absence of linear time on the other side.

The only reason we have to consider something so abstract and so foreign to our thinking is so we can begin to get an understanding of, first, how time can have a limiting effect on some of the choices we make on our spiritual journey, and, second, by realizing that in our natural, eternal state when we’re not incarnated, time doesn’t exist to constrain us in any way.

I know that sounds a little obtuse, so let’s break it down.

First of all, earth time is only related to how often this one little planet in this one little corner of the universe turns on it’s axis and orbits it’s star. The time it takes to turn on it’s axis is divided into minutes and hours, day and night by simple mathematic calculations. The same applies for the time it takes us to orbit our star, only that time is divided into seasons and years. The only reason a 24 hour day is familiar to us is because we live here.

If we lived on Jupiter, a day would consist of 9 earth hours. On Neptune, 16 earth hours. On the other end of the spectrum, on Mercury, a day would be 58 earth days, and on Venus, it would be 116 earth days, with a big thank you to Mr. Google. And that’s only in this one solar system. Multiply that by billions of stars, and the result is incomprehensible to our puny human minds.

The takeaway from thinking about all those numbers is, simply, don’t think about them. In the grand scheme of things, time has absolutely no relevance.

But, ( there’s always a but ), you say, time most certainly does matter when you’re waiting for something to come into your life that you’ve been wanting. Would it make sense to you if I said that the very fact that you’re counting the minutes until that thing you so desperately want appears is what is keeping it from you? According to the law of attraction, if you continue to focus solely on the fact that what you want isn’t here, the universe will see that lack as what you want and happily give it to you.

Instead of constantly asking when, your attitude has to be “whenever”. You know what you want is coming to you, so just relax and enjoy the anticipation until it gets here.

I got a little off track with that lesson about the law of attraction, so let’s get back to my original premise, which is that linear time only exists in this dimension.

I think I might have been avoiding the next topic because it involves physics, who, in all my years of higher education was never a friend of mine.

On the other side, in the dimension where we come from and return to after our brief earth lives, time as we know it here doesn’t exist. Time there, as Jasper has tried so hard to explain, is not linear as it is here. It basically exists all at once, so we can experience it in all directions at the same time, forward, backward and sideways. We never have to worry about what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or next month, because we already know what will be.

I know, even I get a headache when I think about it, but maybe there are some physicists out there that saying,” yes, that’s exactly how it works.” To them I say, good for you. For the rest of us I say, it’s enough to know that when we transition home and can fully realize that we are the limitless, eternal beings that we lose sight of being while incarnated, time and all the worry it carries with it on earth just melts away as we resume our real lives.

If I’ve heard it from Jasper once, I’ve heard it a hundred times: we can never think big enough while we’re incarnated, because as our real selves at home, we are literally the size of the universe.

So think and dream big!

Love and light, as always.