At the beginning of this session, I saw Jasper standing by an open door. He bowed to usher me through the door, but instead of following me, he kicked me in the ass and closed the door behind me, leaving me looking at nothing but a dark space.

I didn’t know him well enough at that time to be wary when he’s being overly polite, or I might have made him go through the door first, but he initiated this little scenario because he wanted to talk to me about Barb this time.

And of course he thought it was hilarious that he could trick me so easily.

Anyway, he wanted me to understand that Barb and I were here to teach others all that we were learning, and that we had done this before in previous lives, so it was no big deal that we were doing it again.

He said that we both were taking ourselves and the lives we were currently living way too seriously, and we needed to stop it.

In order to do what we came here to do, we would need to work closely together, and channel our guides together, because our combined energy would be way more than 1 + 1 = 2. More like 1 + 1 = 1000.

We had both chosen to work this way before we incarnated to see if it could be done here on the earth plane, so we would need to find a balance between living a “normal” life and accomplishing great things.

None of what we will be learning and teaching is new, we’ll just be doing it in a more enlightened time period.

He said now think about that for a while, and get out.