More Spiritual Subterfuge



Remember before when Jasper told me I needed to grow up and do what I’m supposed to do? I mean the most recent time.

Yea, well, he hasn’t changed his mind, and he is right, as he always is, but I still can’t resist trying to dodge having to meditate.

I get the concept of meditation. And Jasper and his friends have told me that it is absolutely essential to do because it’s the only way to unplug the old crappy programs that your mind wants to keep running so that they can be replaced with the new programs and new emotions that you want to use to move forward in your spiritual journey.

So it comes down to me being either a rebel without a cause or a pig-headed Pennsylvania Dutchman.

It’s probably both at any given time, so I’ve decided that in order to allow myself to practice some form of meditation, I’ll just give it a new name and fool my puny human mind into doing it.

Here’s my rebranding of meditation: Relaxing Eyes Closed Energizing Non-Talking Me Time. RECENT Me Time, for short.

What do you think? Is it awesome or is it awesome? I think it moves the whole idea of meditation into the 21st century, if I do say so myself.

And I do say so myself, because I doubt if anybody else will!

So I learned a very easy RECENT Me Time exercise, which I understand has been around for quite a while, called infinity breathing.

It doesn’t involve any weird body positions or blanking your mind, so it’s right up my alley.

First, you close your eyes and relax. Then you picture an infinity symbol in your mind. It looks like the number 8 on it’s side if you’re unaware.

Then you inhale silently and slowly while tracing one half of the symbol in your mind. Then you exhale silently and slowly while tracing the other half. And keep repeating as long as you like.

I mean, I could do this for hours, and it would never enter my thoughts that I was meditating.

But that’s the point. Concentrating on your breathing and the symbol in your mind enables you to not think of anything else, so your subconscious can work it’s magic and unplug from any old emotional programs you have running in the background, at least during your RECENT Me Time, so when you stop, you have an opportunity to plug in some new emotions like the ones I talked about last week: joy, excitement, anticipation, etc.

And when you have those emotions running in the background, you can use them to reinforce that bubble of positivity that surrounds you mind-body-spirit pyramid!

See how everything works together once you get it figured out?

None of this information is meant to disparage practitioners of traditional meditation, and as I’ve always said about all things spiritual, if something feels right and is working for you, stick with it.

But I know there are people out there who feel, as I do, that there is nothing wrong with questioning everything you believe and practice until you find what makes sense for you.

Well, I feel a need for some RECENT Me Time, so until next time, as always, I wish you love and light.