Of Further Interest

Barb Ruhl Healing

I first met Barb Ruhl about 5 years ago, and she’s one of those people that I felt like I had known forever. As it turns out, I have known her literally forever, both here, in earth incarnations, and on the other side, where we work together helping souls prepare for earth lives, and repair themselves after returning.

She is an amazing psychic/healer/teacher, and I’m glad to be able to call her a friend and a mentor. Together we channel most of the information that goes into my books, and her insight on all things spiritual is invaluable to me in my work.

I’m providing a link to her website, www.BarbRuhlHealing .com, to encourage you to visit and see for yourself the positive things Barb has to say about living an earth life, and to check out her 52-week self-empowerment program, The Power of Self. She opened me up to me this wonderful spiritual journey I’m on, and she can get you started, too!

Please take a few minutes to visit Barb, and, as always, I wish you love and light.

Visit Barb’s website HERE.