Spiritual Geometry




Who else sucked at geometry in high school? Show of hands?

I know I’m not alone when I say I was terrible at anything related to math after I managed to get through algebra 1, and even that took tutoring. And after all these years have passed since then and I’ve never had to figure out a sine or cosine, what was the point of torturing a bunch of teenagers with all that? Wouldn’t it have been better to teach us how to balance a check book?

Anyway, that was a long time ago, and there’s no need to be bitter about it. The only reason I even bring it up is that recently the guides have been trying to explain how one of our personal trinities that we talked about last time is structured, and the images they are giving me is of three-sided pyramids encased in spheres, and it threw me for a little while because of my school days trauma with higher math.

So in order to visualize what the hell they were talking about, I had to resort to cutting triangles out of paper and sticking them together to form a pyramid, much like a fourth grader would do. That should tell you where my mind resides some of the time. Jasper will happily tell you that my puny human mind was at about the level of spiritual understanding of a ten year old when he started teaching me, but thanks to him, and only him, I’ve come a long way.

Never any shortage of ego with Jasper.

But I digress.

The trinity that they’re talking about is the mind-body-spirit one that is the most important to understand because it directly relates to our spiritual journey.

If you can picture a 3 sided pyramid, and if you can you’re already doing better than me, one side would represent the mind, one side would represent the body, and one side would represent the spirit.

The body and mind components are pretty self explanatory, and are different with each earth life, as is the spirit. The spirit side, though, is your connection to your guide, or higher self, which is also changeable with the requirements of each life. The base of the pyramid, however, is your soul, which is always the same and, since it is the core of who you really are, never changes.

The upper three sides of the pyramid, unlike the base, are subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as Wm. Shakespeare wrote, and all the other negativity encountered in living an earth incarnation, so they are subject to many changes, good and bad, depending on how able you are to control your emotions.

So where does the sphere come into play?

Once you’ve done the spiritual work to get a good connection between your mind, body and spirit, you can use that positive energy to actually project a sphere that will surround the pyramid and connect at all the points on it.

And what is that sphere composed of?

I just said, positive energy. Weren’t you paying attention? Did you have a flashback to zoning out in your high school trigonometry class? JK.

You build your protective sphere out of things like the patience, anticipation, joy and excitement that I’ve written about before. It also should include lots of unconditional love, for yourself and others, as well as confidence, optimism, and expectation, and any other positive emotions you can generate.

Once you get that sphere of positivity built around your pyramid of self, all the negativity you encounter during the day will just bounce off. That is, it will if you construct your sphere with a hard shell of positivity. Otherwise it will pop like a soap bubble when you start paying attention to your fears and anger.

Building your bubble is just one of the new daily habits that make up everyday spirituality, so stay tuned for more!

As always, I wish you love and light.