Spiritual Subterfuge



I think I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you missed it, I have a real aversion to meditation.

I’ve been told by the other side that meditating on a routine basis is essential to maintaining a good mind-body-spirit, (M-B-S), connection, but the thought of sitting cross-legged with my eyes closed and saying “Om” over and over for any length of time just leaves me cold. And “blanking” my mind of thoughts? Yea, never gonna happen.

Not to mention sitting cross-legged could cause me serious bodily injury at my age.

But that’s another issue.

So I’ve been asking Jasper and his friends to show me something else, something different that I would actually do and I that wouldn’t consider a waste of my time.

Something that resembles meditation and is helpful in increasing the old M-B-S connection. Something that would work and that I could call, “I can’t believe it’s not meditation.”

You know. Not exactly the real deal, but close enough.

So after a great deal of eye-rolling from Jasper, and not a little, “why can’t you grow up and do what you’re supposed to?” attitude to go with, I’ve been hearing some alternatives that I’ve been putting into my daily routine, and I’m happy to share.

First, you have to find the times in your day when you’re doing mindless things, and use that for your new-style meditation.

Luckily, we all have blocs of time available first thing in the morning before thoughts of the day start distracting us, and these new exercises are designed to fit right in.

First, when you’re brushing your teeth, you don’t have to think about how to do it, your body knows what to do, so use that time to do what I like to call a 3-point check in.

First, your body. Ask it how it’s doing. Feeling a few aches and pains? Aging is a bitch, but nothing to be concerned about. Feeling like a cold might be coming on? Tell those 37 trillion cells in your body that you don’t have time, and they better get on it before it starts. Then tell your body you love it and thank it for getting you this far, and you’re looking forward to staying together for the rest of the journey.

No matter what shape your body is in, remember you designed this body for this particular life, so if you don’t love it, it won’t love you back and do what you need it to do, which is get you through to the last day of this particular incarnation.

Sound weird? It might, but remember the law of attraction. If you fear getting that cold or the flu, and it’s all you think about, your body will say, “he must want to be sick because that’s all he thinks about.” And your wish will come true.

The same is true for, “I’m so fat, I’m so skinny” scenarios. What you keep telling yourself is what the universe thinks you want.

Next check in with your mind. Any negativity in there you’d like to get rid of? I have another exercise for that, but remember the law of attraction applies here as well. Whatever you focus on is what will come to you, so now would be a good time to think about the positive things you expect to be part of your day.

Last but certainly never least, check in with your spirit, your Jasper, and ask if he has anything to add for the good of the day. You may get suggestions about taking care of some issues you’ve been thinking about. Or you may get told to grow up and do what your supposed to do. Depends on your relationship with your guide.

There you have it. In the time it takes to brush your teeth, you can check in on all 3 parts of your M-B-S, and get them ready for the day ahead. And you can say, “I can’t believe it’s not meditation”, because it accomplishes the same thing.

Once your M-B-S pyramid is safe and secure, you can project that sphere of positivity around it like we talked about last time.

I gave you a list of words to use to reinforce that sphere, but if you’re having trouble finding scenarios in your life that reflect those specific things, I find it useful to keep some special thoughts in what I like to call my J&E pocket.

That’s my joy and excitement stash, and when I can’t think of anything else, I use the anticipation of some planned upcoming events to rev up my joy and excitement and use those emotions to but a hard shell on my positivity bubble.

So practice this for awhile and see if it makes a difference in how you feel about your M-B-S connection. I think it’s especially effective for those of us that have only recently invited our bodies to the party after years of them being an afterthought.

Next time, I have a few more exercises that more closely resemble traditional meditation, but not enough that you’re going to hate doing them.

Until then, as always, I wish you love and light.