Spiritual Surrender


I admit it.

I was being a bad boy.

I had access to all the best advice in the universe, and I was choosing to ignore it for my own stupid and irrelevant reasons.

I had been told time and again what I needed to do to increase the “good vibrations” in my spiritual life, but I had convinced myself that it wasn’t necessary because the rules didn’t apply to me.

In short, I was a rebel without a cause. Or a rebel with a very dumb cause.

After way too much time, many lectures from Jasper, and Jasper bringing in the big guns from the other side to shame me, I finally surrendered my ego and agreed to at least try my hand at meditating.

After the assembled multitude of Jasper and his friends convinced me that the only way to unplug from the old programs that my subconscious wanted to keep running long enough to let some new and revised programs be installed was to “quiet my mind” for a few minutes everyday, I decided I had to do it.

First, I thought if made up a catchy new name for meditation, it would be more palatable to someone like me that was resistant to trying it. So I came up with “RECENT Me Time”, which is an acronym for Relaxing Eyes Closed Energizing Non-Talking Me Time. Clever, no?

According to Jasper, clever no is correct. Again, I got the lecture I’ve heard many times about growing up and doing what I’m supposed to do. That’s when I decided to surrender and do things his way, discretion being the better part of valor and all that.

So I decided that I needed to do some research on different meditation techniques to see what would work best for me, which I did in spite of being accused of using delaying tactics, and again, why can’t I just grow up and do what I’m supposed to do?????

I found some excellent resources in the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a meditation guru, Nick Ortner, an expert on EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is commonly known as “tapping”, and of course, my old standby, Mr. Google.

I took some time and developed a morning routine that works for me, because I don’t have a lot of time before I go to work to invest in this, and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people. When I hear about taking an hour to meditate every day, I think, that would be great, but it’s not realistic for the bulk of us.

Before I tell you about what I’ve been doing, let me recommend you check out to learn more about tapping as a way to realign the internal energy flow of your body, because I’m not going to go into the specifics of it here, and visit Dr. Joe’s website to learn about how he increases his connection with the universe through meditation. I chose these two methods to research and then incorporate into my daily routine because both deal with making changes in the physical body, but they use completely different methods.

So here it goes:

When I get out of bed, I stretch a little to get the kinks worked out, then I do what I like to refer to as “tappin’ to tunes”. A complete circuit of tapping includes 9 places on the body where you tap, so I sing a song I like and which I feel is appropriate while doing a circuit. Some of my favorites are: Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses from Gypsy, Just In Time from Bells Are Ringing, I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters, I’m Still Standing by Elton John, and The Best Is Yet To Come by Frank Sinatra. Obviously, my choices are influenced by my age and Jasper’s love of Broadway musicals, but you can choose any songs you like.

Next, while I’m brushing my teeth, I do a quick check in with myself, Jasper, and Calvin, my subconscious. Nothing elaborate for now. Just seeing if there is anything in particular any of us want to discuss more later.

Then, when I get in the shower, before I start washing, I stand under the water and relax as much as possible. Then I picture the top of my head opening and Jasper pouring in buckets of silver colored liquid that flows down through my whole body cleansing and pulling out any negative energy hanging around in my brain and other organs until I envision the bottom of my feet opening and letting it flow down the drain.

After I finish and get dressed and eat breakfast, I head for my office, but instead of jumping right on the computer like I used to, I do two relaxing breathing exercises. First, I take five deep in and out breaths while I say, “in with faith, out with fear”, or “in with trust, out with distrust”, or any other positive affirmation. Then I do10 infinity breaths, which is simply picturing an infinity symbol on the inside of your closed eyelids, and making one loop on inhaling and one loop on exhaling, all the while relaxing your body as much as possible.

Then it’s time for the morning board meeting. I picture the top of my head opening so Jasper can drop in, I invite Calvin from wherever he’s been working in my body and the three of us discuss anything we feel needs to be talked about. This is a great time to ask Jasper any questions, and it’s an equally great time to make sure Calvin understands the changes I’d like to make in the way I react to things because he’s the one that flips the switches on the old programs.

I know it sounds kind of involved, but it has quickly become a habit with me, and I usually can do it all in about 20-25 minutes, which is about the amount of time I used to waste on Facebook in the morning. Of course, it can run as long as you want if you feel really connected and are getting answers to things you’ve been thinking about. It can also go longer if you make everyone at the board meeting join hands and sing Kumbaya, which I do some mornings solely because it annoys the hell out of Jasper.

I hope those of you trying to avoid meditating like I was find this helpful, and until next time, I wish you love and light.