The Recliner vs. The Witness Stand

So I realize it’s the holiday season for many people, and fear may be the last thing you want to think about. Unless you’re planning to come out to your family at the dinner table. But that is an entirely different subject.

The fear I want to talk about is the one that we all have that we may not even realize is controlling our actions. It’s the fear of change, and all the little accessory fears that go with it, like fear of what people will think of us if we change, or if we will like ourselves if we change, or not knowing anybody after we change if we have to leave our current friends and family behind.

It really makes no sense to have a fear of change, especially from a spiritual point of view, because change is the only constant in our lives when we’re incarnated on this planet. From the minute we’re born, our bodies change, our surroundings change, the people in our lives change, our understanding of the world and our place in it changes, and it all happens whether we want it to or not. Time only moves forward in this dimension, and besides death and taxes, the only other thing you can count on is that things will change.

Which brings me back to the fear of change, and the title of this post.

From a spiritual standpoint, fear is always with us. It’s up to us to decide if we’re going to let it immobilize us and keep us where we are, or use it as a stimulus to¬† move us forward. If you have had your fears, whatever they may be, for so long that you are comfortable with them, like sitting in a big old comfortable recliner, you are going to want to stay where you are and hold onto them, because it feels natural and cozy to be surrounded by them.

On the other hand, if you start to feel a need to change your life, but the fear of doing that makes you feel uncomfortable, like you’re on the witness stand and you’re being grilled by some ruthless attorney, you can use that discomfort as an impetus to get moving. You don’t like the feeling of where you are, so move somewhere else and see if it feels better there.

This is the method our guides will use when they are trying to prod us to move forward in our spiritual journeys. They will try to make us uncomfortable with where we are by giving us glimpses of what our lives could be like if we could shake off our fear of change and instead use that energy to propel us onward and upward. Sounds devious, but they’re willing to do whatever it takes to help us do all the things we planned to do before we came here.

Jasper, as ever loving to play dress up, pops up in a full suit of armor like a medieval knight, and says think of your fear as a fire breathing dragon. If you keep the dragon in front of you, it’s fire will keep you from going anywhere. But if you put the dragon behind you, his fire will singe your pants just enough to keep you moving forward. Best case scenario according to Sir Jasperlot is tame your dragon completely and ride it triumphantly into the next scenario of your life plan.

That may be appealing to those of us as theatrical as Mr. J, if anybody like that exists, but it is more than adequate if you can tame your fear dragon enough to put it behind you and use it as a motivator for going forward.

Love and light and Happy Holidays until next time!