The Spirit Bone’s Connected To The Brain Bone

As I have spent more and more time increasing my spiritual awareness by what I loosely refer to as meditation, and have been striving to be more connected to my spirit guide, Jasper, I have sort of been ignoring what is a very important part of the trinity of entities that makes all of us whole when we’re incarnated here for an earth life, and that is the physical body.

Of course, when we’re at home on the other side, we are pure energy, so we have no need of a physical body, but here on earth, bodies are the norm, so before we incarnate we spend a lot of time choosing everything about the one we’ll inhabit for our brief time here.

And then we get here, and after spending a few short years in childhood learning how it all works, we pretty much forget about the body and leave it to it’s own devices.

Luckily, we can get away with ignoring it most of the time, until something isn’t working quite the way we like. That’s when we start going to see doctors and taking whatever pill is trendy at the time to “fix” what’s wrong.

But let’s back up a little and talk about trinities. I hesitate to bring it up, because I know the word has heavy religious connotations, but it so aptly describes how we are designed, I decided to use it. Plus Jasper likes it, so there’s that.

We have two personal trinities working for us when we’re here for an earth life. The first is your higher self, or guide, then you, then your baser self, or subconscious. Jasper has described it as a delicious three layer cake with lots of icing between the layers, and talking about it gives him an opportunity to wear his big chef hat, which he loves.

The second of our trinities is again composed of our guides, then us, and then this body we have chosen to inhabit this time around.

The second one is certainly no less important than the first one, but the difference between them is something the body alone carries called the autonomic nervous system, or ANS.

I could bore you to tears here with a big anatomy lesson, but instead let me briefly state that the ANS controls everything in your body that you don’t actually have to think about like breathing, your heart beating, blinking your eyes, anything that just happens while the body is alive and functioning.

And that’s the good part.

The other thing the ANS controls is the fight-or-flight response, and it’s counterpart the rest-and-digest response.

Why does that matter? Remember when we talked about going to the doctor for pills a little while ago? That’s why. Let me explain.

When you are in a place where you haven’t begun the spiritual work to control your fear, anger and guilt, those negative emotions will drive your ANS crazy, because it doesn’t know how to recognize the difference in your reactions to being fearful, whether it’s about a job change or being fearful because you’re about to be eaten by a lion. All it responds to is your emotions, and when you are constantly fearful or angry, it keeps those fight-or-flight juices flowing.

And the result? All the things the fight-or flight response brings to the table: high blood pressure, clamped down peripheral circulation, dilated pupils, the works.

So you go to the doctor. Your blood pressure is sky high. You have to be treated or you will have a heart attack, stroke or die. More fear on top of fear.

The solution: pills. And the pills will work because they interfere with some of the millions of chemical reactions going on in your body every second, all of which are mediated by the ANS.

What happens next? Your ANS, being human like you are, says, “well, if these pills are doing what I should be doing, then screw it, I’m gonna kick back and take it easy.”

And next? Because your ANS can become as lazy as you are, more pills are needed to take up the slack, and then more pills to cover the side effects of those pills, and on and on.

And that’s just for physical symptoms. Don’t get me started on psychological issues.

Is there a solution? Always, but not one that anybody is going to like or consider easy to do.

As I said before, your ANS only responds to the emotions you experience. Emotions are it’s only food, so if you want to control all of the things the ANS does, you have to feed it emotions it will use to trigger the rest-and-digest response over the fight-or-flight response.

Ewww! Who wants to do that? Dealing with your fear, anger and guilt. It sounds too hard!

It is hard, but it can be done, and this is the year to at least start. First, read one of my early books, Clearing The Track, (available on this website), to learn how I did it. Then visit my friend Barb Ruhl’s website, Healing From Within, and check out her self-improvement programs.

I’m going to be writing more about this subject, so stay tuned!

As always, I wish you love and light.