What The Spirit Guide Saw

If you follow this blog or have read any of my books, then you know that my spirit guide is a very colorful guy named Jasper.

There are a lot of reasons people choose not to connect with their spirit guides, chief among them not knowing about them, and, of course, simply not believing in them.

Some of the non-belief is tied into organized religion, but for some people, it is actually planned before you incarnate as a way to make your life more “interesting” when you try to go it alone and without help from the other side.

Personally, I chose to live the first 60 years of my current incarnation, which is I hope about two thirds of my life, without being in direct contact with Jasper.

When I finally found out about him, he came swooping into my life like Miley Cyrus on her infamous wrecking ball, and nothing has been the same since.

It took some time for me to get used to having him there in my head, telling me what a dolt I was, and using his tough love techniques to get me to the point of being so connected to him that I really can’t tell where I end and he begins.

Which is as it should be, because we are simply different parts of the same whole.

But, as Jasper would be happy to tell you, just because he and I are closely connected doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes revert to listening to my old programs and go off, as he likes to describe it, like a screaming howler monkey with it’s hair on fire. I’m still the human part of this equation, and I’m here living an earth life to enhance my learning, so on occasion, not nearly as often as I used to, though, I will lose my shit, as the young folks say.

And that’s ok. Nobody is perfect.

But because Jasper and i are so close, and he loves to give me visuals of what I look like when I backslide and go off on a tangent, it made me stop and think about how I appear to him when it happens.

Of course, there’s the whole screaming howler monkey thing, which is hilarious when it’s somebody else, but more recently he showed me an old Donald Duck cartoon where one of Donald’s flippers is nailed to the floor, and he’s just going around in circles blabbering and making noises. As if that wasn’t enough, he then showed me an old Three Stooges film with Curly doing the same going-around-in circles thing.

He says I can be dense, so he shows me as many examples of my stupidity as it takes to make me slow down and reflect on how I’m acting.

And I admit at the time I felt like I had so many things to do in a short period of time that I probably was just going around in circles and not accomplishing much.

But I’m better now!

The point of Jasper’s lesson this time is when you’re feeling like your life is spinning aout of control, take a step back and look at things from a distance the way your guide does, and most of the time you’ll see how ridiculous your behavior is, and you can take a deep breath and change it.

Always remember that your guide sees you as perfect, and loves you unconditionally, even when you’re in your screaming howler monkey mode. Once you have that all important connection with them, they will be there to supply you with the love you don’t always feel for yourself.

So pull that nail you hammered into your own foot and get moving forward on your spiritual journey again.

As always, I wish you love and light.